Expert Advices on Clearing the PMP Exam in First Attempt

Although PMP is the most desirable certification amongst project management professionals yet obtaining PMP certification is not easy for many of them. For some it’s almost impossible to crack the examination, but for others it’s very easy. Its all about understanding the expectations of PMI.  Those who can crack this code can clear the PMP exam in their first attempt. Following are a few suggestions for professionals who are preparing for the PMP examination.

PMP Is Not Theory Rather Its Practical

The biggest misconception about PMP is that it is all about theory. Those who have cleared the PMP examination can very well vouch that it’s all about practicality, it’s all about how a successful project manager will handle the situation you are handling right now. PMP teachings are purely based on successful practices being used across the world by the most successful project managers. As a PMP certified project manager the ability to handle the situations will be at par with the various successful project managers across the world. Two different PMP professionals in different parts of the world will handle a similar situation given to them in a similar fashion. This indicates that PMP is all about practicality and not theory.

It’s Never Too Early Or Late

Those want to take PMP examination should do it immediately after completing 35 Contract hours training. Most of the people, after completing the Contract hour training do not appear for the examination as it’s too early; the same people will not appear for the examination after some time as it’s too late.  Upon completion of 35 contract hours training, two to three weeks self-study is more than enough for clearing the examination. The biggest is that you book your examination date and prepare yourself for the exam instead preparing for the examination and then booking that date.

Listen To The Advice

Listen to the advices of your trainer and those who have cleared the examination in the past, their advice would be more practical as they have been through the same situation while preparing for their examination. By doing this, it is most likely that you will not waste your time making mistakes.

Follow Your Instinct

While booking the examination date or which material to be referred it is recommended to follow your own instinct. Most of the students follow the advisors or examples of other students. Your workload, study style and preparedness for the examination might be different from others, hence all decisions about your examination should be yours and not others.

Practice Makes Perfection

For those who want to clear the examination in their first attempt, it is advised practice mockup examinations as much as possible. These examinations and questions are exactly in line with the real PMP examination conducted by PMI, therefore these mockup examinations help the candidate appear for the final examination. Another big aspect of these mockup examinations is it helps to manage the time. It has been observed that many of the candidates who do not practice mockup examinations miserably fail to manage their time in the real examination and cannot complete the entire set of questions. Therefore, it is recommended to practice the mockup examination as many times as possible before appearing in the final examination until you are confident about your performance, this gives a guarantee that the candidate can clear the examination in their first attempt.

Never Repeat Other’s Mistakes

While attending classroom training or preparing yourself for the examination it is recommended to have a regular discussion with those who are appearing for the examination or who have cleared the PMP examination. This will help you to understand what to do and what not, special attention is needed to focus on the mistakes being made by others; learn from the mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Correlation To The Real Time Projects

PMI intention is to check on how you would handle a problem while working on a project and hence most of the PMP questions are real-time project issues. Candidates are thus recommended to correlate these questions with their projects and put themselves as a project manager and then try to solve the problem and the solution to the problem would be the answer to the question.

Keep It Simple

Unlike many person belief, PMP exam is very simple if you keep it simple. One should understand that if he or she is eligible to appear for the PMP examination it means he or she has got enough knowledge and experience to handle a project. It is important to realign your experience and knowledge with the PMI recommended practices. If you can align your knowledge and experience with the PMI recommended practices it is very simple and easy for you to crack the examination.

PMP Certification Is Not The End

 Now that you are ready to appear for the PMP examination, one thing which you need to understand is that PMP certification is not the end and many certifications from PMI are available. These certifications will enhance your knowledge and will help you to take you to the next level of your career.

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