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Organizations today are in constant flux. Industries are consolidating, new business models are emerging, new technologies are being developed, and consumer behaviors are evolving. For executives, the ever-increasing pace of change can be especially demanding. It forces them to understand and quickly respond to big shifts in the way companies operate and how work must get done. In the words of Arie de Geus, a business theorist, The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Every enterprise is learning and teaching institution.
Training and development must be built into it on all levels, training and development that never stop”.

-Peter Drucker


360o Competency Development

We offer comprehensive programmes, customized workshops to your workforce not only in their role based Technical & Management skills but also Behavioral skills such as Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Presentation Skills etc.,

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Tailored Solutions for a New World of Work

Talent Development has become more crucial than ever due to emergence of global megatrends with the advent of 4th industrial revolution, technological disruption and digital transformation,  above all the pandemic. Businesses struggle today to keep up with the rapid transformation . Active investment in upskilling and reskilling workforce is essential to aid them propel your business growth.

We at Quadraplus constantly explore, design, develop and deliver the training programs that to build highly competitive workforce and achieve your strategic goals. Besides we follow a systematic process to ensure the solution supports your business objectives through the results of detailed training need analysis.

Needs Assessment

Focus group / Interview sessions with SME,
Client , Training Managers.


Content, training manuals, methods are designed
and developed with constant feedback from clients.

Delivery and Evaluation

Training delivery and reporting
formative and summative evaluation results.

Train your distributed workforce

Many surveys repeatedly proved that remote workers require more training support from employers vis-à-vis co-located team. Most expect the training to be virtual via online sessions and short webinars.

We at Quadra Plus have acquired capabilities to provide your workforce Instructor led online live training and assessments. Our engaging, interactive  and differentiated instruction at online live programs creates transformational learning experience .

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