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Lumion is an incredible user friendly real-time 3D architectural visualization tool, that produces impressive high quality videos  to visualize the building designs. This course aims at providing basic and advanced knowledge on Lumion, the fastest rendering software through a project based training.

Lumion Training at Quadraplus enables the participants to furnish the CAD models with different material and textures and present the design with striking aesthetics.  The highly qualified instructors at Quadraplus provides conceptual and practical knowledge in Lumion to create interiors, exteriors. The course is suitable for draftsman, Landscape Architects, Interior Architects, Civil engineers with an interest in 3D visualization.

Students interested in 3D visualization and enable them to convert CAD 3D model into an amazing 3D image or 3D flythrough movie.

Course Objectives

This course aid the learners to

  • Understand the Lumion interface and navigate Lumion program
  • Learn how to open sample scenes, and control the weather in the design
  • Explore different types of terrain , model the terrain and thereby create a realistic context for the scene
  • Understand the behavior of various materials like water, metal, glass, concrete materials and change the settings like colour, texture etc.,
  • Learn how to create your own textures and apply realistic effect like wear and tear, light permeability etc.,
  • Synchronize Lumion with other 3D modeling programs
  • Learn how  to add objects to your scene, from natural elements  like trees to furniture, traffic signs, kitchen utensils, books etc.,
  • Learn high end Lumion features such as 3D Grass Materials, Leaves/Foliage Materials, Video, Textures, Previewing Planar Reflections, Previewing dynamic Spotlight shadows
  • Turn a static image into a movie by applying animation sequences and movement and sound effects.
  • Plan and organize the project using Lumion’s project management tools.

I Getting Ready For Lumion 3D

  • Controlling the camera
  • Lumion’s hotkeys
  • Using the Settings window
  • Modeling for Lumion
  • Additional models
  • Importance of materials
  • Solving common problems
  • Exporting 3D models
  • Using the COLLADA format
  • Exporting animations

II Creating a Project in Lumion

  • Creating a scene
  • Using the nine presets
  • Sculpting the terrain
  • Creating and using a height map
  • Configuring the Editor quality
  • Why use layers?

III Importing 3D Models

  • Importing 3D models
  • Adding Lumion content
  • Placing and reallocating 3D models
  • Hotkeys
  • Accurate placing
  • Updating a 3D model with new geometry
  • Replacing 3D models
  • Common problems (troubleshooting)
  • Locking a 3D model

IV Applying and Creating Materials

  • Available materials in Lumion
  • Adding materials
  • Special materials
  • Importing materials
  • Tweaking imported materials
  • The Glass special features
  • Creating materials in Lumion
  • Using the Standard material
  • Creating bump maps
  • Working with materials
  • Organizing materials
  • Saving materials
  • Copying and pasting materials
  • How to solve flickering

V Creating your 3D World

  • The 3D models available
  • Placing content
  • Working with multiple objects
  • Controlling the models
  • Selecting different objects
  • Editing models’ properties
  • Tweaking the grass
  • Scattering elements

VI Lighting in Lumion

  • The Lumion weather system
  • Lumion lights
  • Interior illumination
  • Tweaking spotlights
  • Improving lighting
  • Best practices with spotlights
  • Improving reflections

VII Creating Realistic Visualizations

  • Special effects—fire, smoke, and fog
  • Applying and controlling the special effects
  • The differences between the Photo and Movie modes
  • Using the Sun Study for accurate lighting
  • Tweaking shadows
  • Creating realistic reflections
  • Improving realism with camera effects
  • Rendering still images

VIII Non-Photorealistic Visualizations with Lumion

  • Non-photorealistic Render
  • Using NPR visualizations
  • Creating NPR using Lumion
  • Artistic effects—what is available
  • Controlling Lumion’s effects
  • Exploring artistic effects
  • Creating conceptual visualizations
  • The Painting and Watercolor effects
  • The Sketch effect
  • Creating technical illustrations with the Manga and Cartoon effects
  • Correcting perspectives in Lumion
  • The Sharpness effect

IX Animation Techniques

  • Lumion animation—a quick overview
  • Planning your movie
  • Working with cameras
  • Creating a camera path
  • Composition and how to use it
  • Editing clips
  • Changing the length of clips
  • Camera-filming techniques
  • Deleting and controlling multiple clips
  • Animating effects and layers
  • Using layers to control objects

X Advanced Features

  • Detailed Import and Output Formats
  • Model Library
  • High Quality Animated Characters
  • 3D Sound Effects
  • Material Library
  • Environment & Weather
  • Scene Editor
  • 20 Scene Layers
  • Movie Editor
  • Animation
  • Movie Effects
  • Special Effects

I would like to thank Quadra plus for their excellent support throughout and a special thanks to our coach Ms. Durga for her wonderful support and dedication. Her knowledge and command over the subject is inspiring and at the same time she ensured that the classes were enjoyable and lively. I would definitely recommend Quadra plus to my colleagues and I shall surely miss these interactions with the batch and also with Durga. I sincerely wish Quadra plus the very best and once again a big thanks to Durga for everything.

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