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Sketch-up is a 3D modeling application used to create, share and present 3D models and visualizations. This course starts with fundamentals and provides a thorough grounding in 3D modeling principles for starters.

This Course on SketchUp covers navigating the interface, manipulating objects, drawing, organizing drawing elements, and working with materials and textures on both Windows and Mac computers. The participants will learn how to apply simple styles and animation to make your 3D projects more polished and presentable.

The course is designed to provide participants with hands-on and practical learning demonstrating techniques step-by-step, learn application of drawing and design tools in interior design, architecture, landscaping and many more

Course Objectives

Sketch Up training at Quadraplus will enable the participants to

  • Get acquainted with Sketch up user interface and customize it.
  • Create 2D and 3D geometry with use of various Drawing Tools, inference reference points, the Select Tool, and the Follow Me Tool etc.,
  • Visualize  models in 3D space using the Orbit, Pan, and Zoom tools.
  • Understand techniques to avoid common pitfalls for new SketchUp users.
  • Modify Objects using various options and functions like move and copy, rotate, offset, scale etc.,
  • Annotate objects , create guidelines for reference , adding text in sketch up models.
  • Work with groups, components, layers to organize a sketch up model and control the visibility of items.
  • Apply materials, edit existing materials, map textures on the models.
  • Work with camera tool and section tool to see cross sectional perspectives.
  • Develop a model that includes interior and exterior spaces
  • Create custom furniture and fixture components, styles, and walk-throughs
  • Organize a heavier model using scenes and layers
  • Understand how to create compelling sketches, renderings and construction documents from a finished SketchUp model.
  • Synchronize sketch up model with other modeling tools.

I The SketchUp Interface

  • Interface basics
  • Navigating in SketchUp
  • Creating camera views ̥
  • Shading faces and edges ̥
  • Creating shadows and fog ̥
  • Using scenes to create multiple views ̥
  • Configuring toolbars
  • Configuring toolbars for the Mac

II Manipulating Objects

  • Selecting and moving objects
  • Scaling and rotating objects
  • Manipulating faces and edges
  • Advanced selection tools
  • Drawing in SketchUp
  • Line tool fundamentals
  • Using the Line tool for 3D drawing
  • Eraser tools
  • Using the Rectangle tool
  • Creating rotated rectangles
  • Pushing and pulling faces into 3D
  • Working with Solid tools and Solid Inspector
  • Using the Offset tool to create outlines
  • Drawing curved and freehand shapes
  • Creating circles and polygons
  • Softening and smoothing edges
  • Using the Follow Me tool
  • Creating 3D text

III Measuring and Labelling

  • Using the Tape Measure to create guidelines
  • Using the Protractor too
  • Creating sections
  • Creating labels

IV Keeping Your Model Organized

  • Grouping objects
  • Working with layers
  • Using the Outliner and Entity Info

V Working with Components

  • The Component window
  • Creating components
  • Using the 3D Warehouse
  • Using the Component Options window
  • Using the Interact tool

VI Working with Materials

  • Working with PBR materials in sketch up models
  • Applying materials
  • Editing materials
  • Creating materials
  • Working with Materials on Mac

VII Working with Textures

  • Mapping textures interactively
  • Mapping curved objects
  • Projecting maps on curved objects
  • Creating a floor plan using bitmap images
  • Drawing a structure from a floor plan

VIII Rendering, Animation & using with other modeling tools

  • Applying styles
  • Creating styles
  • Cast realistic shadows
  • Using Sketch up Data with other modeling
  • Exporting in 2D and 3D
  • Geo locate the models
  • Modeling from photos
  • Importing & exporting CAD Files
  • Importing & exporting COLLADA Files
  • Importing & exporting image Files
  • Exporting other files such as FBX, KMZ etc.,
  • Sketchup to Vray Next
  • Synchronize with Lumion
  • Intro to 10+ use full plugins

IX Handling Issues

  • Handling error messages
  • Handling installation and startup problems
  • Handling issues with creating 3D models
  • Reporting errors

X Project Work

Eman AlKhaled photo

Eman AlKhaled

Interior Designer
I came to Quadra Plus in search of training on architecture programs such as Autocad, Revit, 3DsMax and SketchUp, and this has been the best decision made for my education. Just over 8 weeks I have now completed Autocad 2D, Revit, 3Ds Max V-Ray rendering and Sketchup! Definitely recommend coming here for any training!

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