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Data Analytics course at Quadraplus Dubai has been crafted for anyone novice or intermediate, who is interested in building their career in a tech domain as data analyst that is not dominated by coding.


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Data analytics is the science of converting raw data to meaningful information, to derive conclusions and predictions. It helps businesses to optimize its performance, perform more efficiently, maximize profit and make more strategically guided decisions.

Data analytics is used in various sectors such as banking, IT & ITES, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, e-commerce and digital marketing etc., Data analyst with their tools helps businesses to manage the inventory, identify popular features, identify consumer behavior, and provide personalized customer experience.

Data Analytics course at Quadraplus Dubai has been crafted for anyone novice or intermediate, who is interested in building their career in a tech domain as data analyst that is not dominated by coding. Our World class Data Analyst course covers data analysis data visualization and business intelligence tools such as Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, Basics of R Programming and Python.

Data analytics training focus on all categories such as descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics and predictive analytics. This course provides Practical data analysis and business intelligence training with hand on projects and assignments.

Course Objectives
  • Understand basic statistics concepts such as central tendency, dispersion, correlation and regression and their application in business.
  • Use Microsoft Excel to visualize data using various chart types, structure data using pivot tables, connecting to data using query functions, and learn other advanced concepts to perform statistical and forecasting functions using Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn from basics to how to explore data types, perform basis statistical analysis, data visualizations and predictions using Python libraries
  • Understand how to group data, bin data, identify outliers , perform time series analysis using Power BI; Gain working knowledge on Artificial Intelligence insights , analyze feature and custom visuals of Power BI
  • Learn SQL statements, commands, Universal Query Tool and other concepts, acquire working knowledge on SQL database and its application in performance optimization.
  • Prepare and structure data, create interactive dashboards using Tableau.
  • Learn to write R scripts/code, utilize R data structures, and execute various statements in R programming – the most in demand open source technology.

I Business Statistics Essentials

    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Probability and Normal Distribution
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Data cleaning and Insights

II Data Analytics with Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Data Preparation and Cleaning : Sort, Filter, Grouping, Removing Duplicates
  • Referencing, Named ranges, Uses, Arithmetic Functions
  • Date and Text Functions
  • Logical functions
  • Data Visualization: Formatting, Conditional Formatting,
  • Referring data from different tables: Various types of Lookup, Nested IF
  • Statistical Functions
  • Data analysis using Pivot Tables
  • Data Summarization: Dashboards Creation, Tips and Tricks
  • Charts : Pivot charts, Speedometer charts, Pareto charts, Interactive charts, checkbox and combobox
  • Connecting to Data: Power Query, Pivot, Power Pivot within Excel
  • Connecting to Data: Power Query, Pivot, Power Pivot within Excel
  • VBA and Macros for analytics

III Power BI

  • Power BI Introduction and Installation
  • The Power BI user interface, including types of data sources and visualizations
  • Sample dashboard with Animation Visual
  • Power BI artificial intelligence Visual
  • Power BI Visualization
  • Power Query Editor
  • Modelling with Power BI
  • Power Query Editor Filter Data
  • Customize the data in Power BI
  • Dax Expressions
  • Custom Visual
  • Power BI Service

IV Tableau

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Basic Charts & Formatting
  • Filters
  • Calculations
  • Data Combining Techniques
  • Structuring Data : Groups, Bins, Histograms, Hierarchies, Sets, Parameters
  • Creating Charts and Graphs like line chart, bubble chart, scatter plot, bar charts, heat maps
  • Dashboards – Layouts and Formatting, Interactive Dashboards
  • Storyboards, Story points
  • Dashboard Actions & Tableau Public


  • Introduction to Mysql
  • SQL Commands and Data Types
  • DQL & Operators
  • Case When Then and Handling NULL Values
  • Group Operations & Aggregate Functions
  • Constraints
  • Joins
  • DDL
  • DML & TCL Commands
  • Indexes and Views
  • Stored Procedures
  • Function, Constructs
  • Union, Intersect, Sub-query
  • Exception Handling
  • Triggers

VI Fundamental of R Programming

  • Introduction to R, Installation of Rstudio, Data Types in R
  • Decision making statements, Loops, Functions
  • Built in Functions in R, Joins, dplyr and ggplot2

VII Data Analytics with Python

  • Introduction to Python and set up programming environment
  • Anaconda Installation, Jupyter notebook
  • Data types, Operators, Slicing the data, Inbuilt functions in python
  • Sets, Set Theory, Regular Expressions, Decision making statements
  • Loops, Functions, Lambda functions, Modules
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas,
  • Mathematical computing using Numpy,
  • Data Visualization  using Python libraries Matplotlib, Seaborn

Fatima Salem

PCM ACP Professional
The tutors are exceptionally good. Right from delivery of content to exam techniques, the take backs are extremely valuable. I would recommend Quadraplus to anyone looking to pursue their ACCA. Extremely professional support staff who were helping us out even after the tuition and revision classes. Thanks!

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