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Dynamo training at Quadra plus teaches the students on how to work on complex elements and solve modelling challenges easier. Students learn editing designs, saving them as separate files to the designs with Dynamo. Course on Dynamo elaborates how to construct data driven geometry, analyze relationships between Revit elements, explore various design options, automate modelling processes and create links between various applications and programs.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, learners will be able to

  • Understand the role of Computational Design & Visual Programming in the AEC Process.
  • Explore Key uses for Dynamo and creating basic Dynamo Scripts.
  • Understand Dynamo integration with Revit.
  • Understand how to work with views and sheets from within Dynamo.
  • Develop Problem Solving skills in a Revit project environment.
  • Overcome Geometric and Data management limitations of Revit.
  • Use the Dynamo Player on real-world projects.

I. Visual Programming

  • Overview of Visual Programming
  • Computational Design and Design Sculpting

II. Introduction to Dynamo

  • What is Dynamo
  • Navigating the UI and Node Library
  • Auto Vs Manual runs
  • Placing and Connecting Nodes
  • Wiring techniques
  • Design Script Syntax
  • Custom packages
  • Adaptive Components and Dynamics

III. Working with Data

  • Understanding data types
  • Performing math functions
  • Using numbers to output other data types
  • Creating a list of numbers
  • Generating list with sequence and range
  • Using lists of numbers as inputs
  • Modifying and Analysing Text Strings
  • Reading data from an Excel spreadsheet
  • The basics of managing Nested lists
  • Using the List at Level feature
  • Working with Excel data in Dynamo
  • Writing Data to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Filtering and Sorting data

IV. Constructing and Analyzing Geometry

  • Creating points
  • Creating Lines, Polycurves and Polygons
  • Creating Arcs and NURBS curves
  • Using vectors to translate Geometry
  • Rotate and mirror with vectors and planes
  • Creating surfaces and solids
  • Creating solids with loft
  • Modifying solids
  • Analyzing solids
  • Analyzing curves
  • Analyzing surfaces
  • Exporting geometry as SAT and STL

V. Revit

  • About Projects
  • Creating Project Templates
  • Guidelines for Creating Project Template Files
  • Accessing Revit Geometry and Data
  • Linking a Dynamo-Driven SAT into Revit
  • Placing Revit Families
  • Placing Adaptive Components
  • Setting Revit Parameter Values
  • Creating Views and Sheets
Sherine Varghese photo

Sherine Varghese

Sr. Architect
The first course I have taken at Quadra Plus Institute was AutoCAD 2D and 3D, as I liked it, I decided to take the Revit Architecture training as well. The trainer’s attitude was very impressive and he gave detailed explanations. He solved the queries with practical examples and through live projects in Revit Architecture.

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