FIDIC Contracts Management

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (commonly known as FIDIC, acronym for its French name Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils) is an globally recognized body  for the consulting engineering & construction, best known for the FIDIC family of contract templates


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This course covers different principles of the FIDIC standard form of contract from a middle and senior management perspective. The Participants will learn how to administer a project contract including procedures in Pre-Contract phase, Claims management, Post Contract award phase with particular focus on  FIDIC 87/99 Standard Form (Red Book) and the latest Edition updated 2017.

This practical course is supplemented by true life case studies and group discussions ensure that delegates come away with a good understanding of the FIDIC philosophy.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, learners will be able to

  • Familiar with various forms of FIDIC Contracts and the philosophy of choosing the suitable form.
  • Implement FIDIC’s principles, mechanisms, and best practices for contract and project management
  • Recognize the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of keys parties in a construction contract.
  • Understand the important clauses of the FIDIC Contracts, benchmark and execute a project within the framework of the contract.
  • Apply the correct payments, claims, and dispute resolution mechanisms as envisaged by the FIDIC contracts

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I General Provision

  • Definitions, Interpretation
  • Law and Language, Priority of Documents
  • Contract Agreement, Assignment
  • Employer’s Use of Contractor’s Document
  • Contractor’s Use of Employer’s Document

II The Employer, Engineer, Contractor

  • Right of Access to the Site
  • Permits, Licenses or Approvals
  • Engineer’s Duties and Authority
  • Contractors general obligations
  • Subcontractors

III Nominated Subcontractors, Staff, and Labour

  • Definition
  • Objection to Nomination
  • Payments to nominated subcontractors
  • Engagement of Staff and Labour
  • Labour laws and Working Hours
  • Health and safety, Contractor’s Personnel

IV Design

  • General Design Obligations
  • Contractor’s Documents and Undertaking
  • Technical Standards and Regulations
  • Design Error

V Plant, Materials and Workmanship

  • Manner of Execution
  • Ownership of Plant and Materials
  • Samples, Inspection, Testing, and Rejection
  • Commencement, Delays, and Suspension Commencement of work
  • Time of Completion, Programme
  • Extension of Time for Completion
  • Rate of Progress, Delay Damages, Suspension of work

VI Employer's Taking Over, Defects Liability

  • Taking over of the Works and Sections, Parts of the works
  • Interference with Tests on Completion
  • Completion of Outstanding Work and Remedying Defects
  • Removal of Defective work
  • Performance Certificate
  • Clearance of Site

VII Measurement and Evaluation

  • Works to be Measured
  • Method of Measurement
  • Evaluation, Omissions

VIII Variations and Adjustments

  • Right to Vary, Value Engineering, Daywork
  • Variation Procedure
  • Adjustments for Changes in Legislation and Cost

IX Contract Price and Payment

  • The Contract Price and Advance Payment
  • Application for Interim payment Certificates
  • Plant and Materials intended for the works
  • Payment of Retention Money
  • Cessation of Employer’s Liability

X Termination by Employer

  • Notice to Correct
  • Termination by Employer
  • Valuation at the date of Termination
  • Payment after termination
  • Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices

XI Suspension and Termination by Contractor

  • Contractor’s Entitlement to suspend work
  • Termination by Contractor
  • Cessation of Work and Removal of Contractor’s Equipment
  • Payment on Termination

XII Risk and Responsibility

  • Indemnities
  • Contractor’s Care of the Works
  • Employer’s Risks
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
  • Limitation of Liability

XIII Insurance and Force Majeure

  • General Requirements for Insurances
  • Definition of Force Majeure
  • Insurance for Works and Contractor’s Equipment
  • Insurance for Contractor’s Personnel
  • Notice of Force Majeure
  • Duty to Minimise Delay

XIV Claims, Disputes and Arbitration

  • Contractor’s Claims Appointment of the Dispute Board
  • Failure to Agree on the Composition of the Dispute Board
  • Obtaining Dispute Board’s Decision
  • Amicable Settlement, Arbitration
  • Expiry of Dispute Board’s Appointment
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Kharthik Nandagopal

PCM ACP Professional
I would like to thank Quadra plus for their excellent support throughout and a special thanks to our coach Ms. Durga for her wonderful support and dedication. Her knowledge and command over the subject is inspiring and at the same time she ensured that the classes were enjoyable and lively. I would definitely recommend Quadra plus to my colleagues and I shall surely miss these interactions with the batch and also with Durga. I sincerely wish Quadra plus the very best and once again a big thanks to Durga for everything.

  16 Instructional Hours

  FIDIC Course Manual

 Case Discussion

  Assignments & References

   KHDA Approved Certificate

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