Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook)

Microsoft office, suite of “Office Productivity” tools that help professionals achieve the tasks they need to manage their business and office.


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Course on Microsoft office includes hands on training in the most used office productivity tools viz., Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Outlook. This training covers comprehensively the features and functions with application knowledge that enables you to collect, document, process and present data and information for effective decision making.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, learners will be able to

  • Recognize and navigate through the main components of the user interface of word, excel, outlook
  • Create and manage professional documents using word.
  • Enhance the appearance of the document by using various formatting options.
  • Learn to work with tables, shapes, images, smart art using Microsoft office applications.
  • Create, modify worksheet, perform mathematical functions using excel.
  • Create and manage large work books using Microsoft excel.
  • Create new presentations, templates, setting the header and footer.
  • Apply slide layouts, using presentation views.
  • Apply primary keyboard shortcuts and key combinations in word, excel and powerpoint, outlook.
  • Learn email options, work with attachments, create signatures, manage contacts, appointments, tasks and meetings.

I. Microsoft Word

  • Create a new document
  • Open, save and print document
  • Edit and format text
  • Work with text objects
  • Change the page layout, background and borders.
  • Insert headers and footers.
  • Insert and edit tables.
  • Insert clip art and pictures to documents.
  • Perform a mail merge.
  • Share and review shared document files.
  • Work with references
  • Work with illustrations

II. Microsoft Excel

  • Create and navigate worksheets
  • Quick access tool bar
  • Create and edit workbooks
  • Work with rows and columns
  • Basic formulae include sum, average, min,max etc.,
  • Basic Formatting
  • Insert images, shapes and hyperlinks
  • Object properties
  • Working with table properties
  • Working with Multiple windows
  • Freeze Panes
  • Data validation
  • Review tab groups- proofing, language, comments
  • Basics on Macros

III. Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Powerpoint Environment
  • Ribbon, quick toolbar, status bar
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating basic presentations
  • Applying slide layouts
  • Work with file formats
  • Using various presentation views
  • Using text, font formatting, basic object manipulation
  • Text box options
  • Format picture dialog box
  • Inserting clipart and smart art
  • Working with graphics, tables and charts
  • Previewing and printing presentations

IV. Microsoft Outlook

  • Navigate Outlook
  • Search, Delete, Restore items
  • Quick Access Tool Bar
  • Compose, Format, Sort Email,
  • Work with attachments, images, hyperlinks, signature
  • Email Options
  • Working with address book and contacts and contact groups
  • Create, Edit, Schedule, Track meetings
  • Tasks and Notes
  • Create and Manage Rules
  • Archive, Import, Export Information

Reena Ann

Personal Assistant
I did my first Microsoft office course with Quadra Plus This course is really help me to improve my computer skill. I can say they are smart tutors. Trainer help me to improve my skills. I didn’t know anything about Excel formulas he used teach me with shortcuts and its interesting. Now I was doing the Speed typing and photoshop course with Quadra Plus.

Mufeeda Shahin

Document Controller
I am grateful to Quadra Plus helping me fruitfully completing Advanced Excel training. Learning advanced Excel can be quite exciting. Their classes and trainer’s notes are allow one to get a grasp and practice of the necessary functions and features. In a short time I learnt several techniques. which help me in my daily corporate work. Advanced Excel course helped me to do Dashboard, Pivot Table, Dynamic drop-down list, look ups and many more. Quadra Plus Training Institute is the best place to learn advanced Excel course and upgrade your skills..

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