Nursing Assistant / Patient Care Assistant Certification Course

Get certified as a Patient Care Assistant from AMCA ( American Medical Certification Association ) – the leading allied healthcare certification body in USA.


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This course qualifies you to take the Patient Care / Nursing Assistant exam of AMCA . As a certified nursing or patient care assistant , you can give basic nursing care viz., measure patient vital signs, record and report patient health information and serve as principal caregivers under the supervision of Registered Nurse. Being an AMCA approved testing centre, now you can take your AMCA exams with Quadra Plus directly.

This course is open to anyone who is above 18 years of age and has no specific prerequisites such as prior experience or education in patient care.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, learners will be able to

  • Describe basic functions of main body systems and body positioning.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of vital signs, first aid, wound care, CPR.
  • Understand patient’s bill of rights.
  • Interact appropriately and model professional behavior while interacting with patients.
  • Apply appropriate practices to ensure patient safety using OSHA standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of medications and effects on patients .
  • Recognize and understand medical terminologies and root words.

I Anatomy & Physiology

  • Basic functions of main body systems
  • Circulatory system
  • Urinary system
  • Different body positioning

II Pharmacology

  • Names of medications
  • Routes of administration
  • Effects of medications on patients

III OSHA and Infection Control

  • Laboratory safety policies and procedures
  • Transmission modes and methods of prevention
  • Labelling biohazards specimens
  • Nosocomial infections
  • Regulations regarding safety practices
  • OSHA standards precautions
  • Infection control practices
  • Disease prevention practices
  • Biological and fire hazards
  • Electrical and radiation hazards
  • OSHA hazard communication
  • Material safety data sheet
  • Ensure patient safety – Inpatient setting
  • Ensure patient safety – Outpatient setting
  • Ensure patient safety – Pediatric patient setting

IV Medical Law and Ethics

  • Maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Workplace diversity
  • Professional appearance, behavior and interaction
  • Patient’s Bill of Rights
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Following testing procedures

V Patient Care Skills

  • Charting
  • Understanding vital signs
  • Steps of patient examination
  • Wound care
  • Staff and procedure
  • Job tasks
  • First Aid and CPR

VI Medical Terminologies

  • Medical prefixes & suffixes
  • Root words
  • Cardiac and circulatory terminologies
Kharthik Nandagopal photo

Kharthik Nandagopal

PCM ACP Professional
I would like to thank Quadra plus for their excellent support throughout and a special thanks to our coach Ms. Durga for her wonderful support and dedication. Her knowledge and command over the subject is inspiring and at the same time she ensured that the classes were enjoyable and lively. I would definitely recommend Quadra plus to my colleagues and I shall surely miss these interactions with the batch and also with Durga. I sincerely wish Quadra plus the very best and once again a big thanks to Durga for everything.

  60+ hours of live interactive learning

  Practical Exercises

  AMCA approved Study Guide

  Medical Terminology Flashcards

  Instructor Manuals

   Exam Preparation and Job interviews support

   KHDA Approved Certificate

  Exam cloned Practice questions

  AMCA Certification Exam and AMCA Certificate

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