Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Training
Excel Your Career with a PMI-Approved Project Management Certification Course

The most important industry-recognized certification is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification and it recognizes project managers knowledge & skill to manage projects successfully.

Quadra Plus is a PMI-authorized best pmp training institute in Dubai that has trained over 3600 professionals. It provides 40 contact hours/PDUs, for its live online and classroom training.

Quadra Plus provides PMP Certification Training in Dubai which is designed to produce capable project managers who understand best practices and current project management trends. The training course covers the fundamentals of project management as well as emerging trends, new technologies and practices, and core project management competencies.

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Quadra Plus provides Project Management courses in UAE. We impart project management skills based on the PMBOK® GUIDE, a globally recognized international standard for project management. Learners gain profound knowledge to confidently confront the PMI PMP® Exam through practice tests, classroom exercises, and effective exam techniques. Students who obtain PMP Certification in Dubai demonstrate project management excellence in the most current practices demanded by employers. The value of PMP-certified professionals and their  organizations have grown over time. To improve project success rates, governments and private organizations prefer to hire PMP-certified project managers.

Course Objectives

This certification requires you to master  PMI’s Project Management standards and learn the fundamentals of project management methodologies and practices.

At the completion of this course, learners will be able to

  • Comprehend all the activities under three essential project management domains namely Process, People and Business Environment.
  • Recognize the difference between predictive, adaptive and hybrid approaches and their characteristics.
  • Apply project management processes mapped under initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing and knowledge areas such as scope, schedule, cost, quality, risk etc.,
  • Perform or prepare project management techniques such as critical path method, earned value analysis, work breakdown structure etc., which are useful in the real time.
  • Recognize the components in various project documents/ artefacts.
  • Confront all kinds of questions such as situational, hotspot, mathematical etc.,comfortably.

“PMI”, “PMP, “PMI-ACP, “PMI-RMP, “PMBOK” are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Module 1 : Creating a High Performing Team

Objective: Learn to define team ground rules, build a shared understanding, engage and support virtual teams and more. 

  • Build a team
  • Define team Ground rules
  • Negotiate project agreements
  • Empower team members and stakeholders
  • Train team members and stakeholders
  • Engage and support virtual teams
  • Build a shared understanding about a project

Module 2: Starting the Project

Objective: Learn to engage stakeholders, manage and plan scope, assess and manage risk and more.

  • Determine the Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices
  • Plan and Manage Scope
  • Plan and Manage Budget And Resources
  • Plan and Manage Schedule
  • Plan and Manage Quality of Products and Deliverables
  • Integrate Project Planning Activities
  • Plan and Manage Procurement
  • Establish Project Governance Structure
  • Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure

Module 3 : Doing the Work

Objective : Learn to manage project changes, determine appropriate project methods and practices, establish project governance and more.

  • Assess and Manage Risks
  • Execute Project to Deliver Business Value
  • Manage Communications
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Create Project Artifacts
  • Manage Project Changes
  • Manage Project Issues
  • Ensure Knowledge Transfer for Project Continuity

Module 4 : Keep the team on track

Objective: Learn to collaborate with stakeholders, lead a team, manage conflict and more. 

  • Lead a Team
  • Support Team Performance
  • Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers
  • Manage Conflict
  • Collaborate with Stakeholders
  • Mentor Relevant Stakeholders
  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance
  • Manage Project Issues

Module 5 : Keeping the Business in Mind

Objective: Learn to evaluate business and environment changes, support organizational change, improve processes and more.

  • Manage Compliance Requirements
  • Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value
  • Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Changes
  • Support Organizational Change
  • Employ Continuous Process Improvement
Kharthik Nandagopal photo

Kharthik Nandagopal

PCM ACP Professional
I would like to thank Quadra plus for their excellent support throughout and a special thanks to our coach Ms. Durga for her wonderful support and dedication. Her knowledge and command over the subject is inspiring and at the same time she ensured that the classes were enjoyable and lively. I would definitely recommend Quadra plus to my colleagues and I shall surely miss these interactions with the batch and also with Durga. I sincerely wish Quadra plus the very best and once again a big thanks to Durga for everything.
JA Sarmiento photo

JA Sarmiento

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I would recommend Quadra Plus Training Center as they help me achieved to pass my PMP Examination. The training center is well equipped with good and well-experienced instructors. I would also like to give appreciation to the staff, Sheena and Daniel, who guided me in my application. They are knowledgeable with the procedures and requirements needed for my PMP application. Kudos to the team!
Gregg Eliezer T Ng photo

Gregg Eliezer T Ng

Positive: Value This was the best PMP training I ever attended, the lecturer (Ms Durga) was very clear in her explanation, and communication were always at point, with the help of Ms Sheena. Thank you Quadra Plus for guiding me to pass the exam.
Nasser Alfalasi photo

Nasser Alfalasi

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Thank you QuadraPlus for meeting my expectations in PMP course, and I am glad i have decided to do the course with you. I received great support right from Registration, and throughout the course, by Admin : Sheena. Most importantly, special thanks to the trainer Durga, who did a wonderful job indeed and exceeded my expectation. With a very strong project management profile and experience, along with her distinguished training expertise and style, she explained the content very clearly with plenty of real life examples and practice. She made the sessions very informative, yet interestingly enjoyable. I look forward to attending more courses with you in future 🙂.
Ragavan Chandrasekaran photo

Ragavan Chandrasekaran

Positive: Value Taken classes from Mr Venkat and classes are awesome. I have completed my PMP , thanks to Mr Venkat and Quadra plus 🙏
Zafar Hussain photo

Zafar Hussain

As far as Quadra Plus administration is concerned, they are very supportive and prompt in their response. Big Thanks to Sheena!!!!! I have learnt so much in my classes with Durga, honestly beyond my expectations and this will play a pivotal role in my life to excel. She is an excellent teacher! with wonderful and refreshing teaching manners. Her teaching methods are great, she showed a lot of patience during classes and listens well. She did not skip anything from PMBOK Guide. There were some students in our batch (just to name a few Waseem, Febin……and Myself) who always try to create a humour mostly through chat box and Durga read all the comments and responded with humour too without losing primary objective focus of PMP training. Class was never boring, as Durga used different strategies to keep us engaged, asking questions, involving us in class discussions (Monte Carlo, Share Markets, Japan, Toyota-Ford, etc) thus making us active learners. She integrated real life examples in her teaching to make us understand processes /knowledge areas easily. I only knew one Japanese word till I joined the class (Sayonara) and thanks to Durga, my Japanese is improved and I know quite a few words now (MUDA, Sensei, etc). I would love to be trained by Durga again and again. Wish you all the best Durga!!!! Finally, I wish all my classmate’s success in their future endeavour and get PMP certified in first go. Zafar Hussain Baigh
Greeshma Kallingal photo

Greeshma Kallingal

Quadra plus was a very efficient catalyst in my PMP training. I am glad that I chose this institute as they were very organized and the course modules were effectively structured. The instructor was very helpful and excellent in training. The staff were friendly as well. I recommend Quadra plus for PMP training for all who prepare for the exam.

PMP Certification is one of the job specification item for a leading role in project management across the world. Its stringent requirements, continuous updation of the exam to be relevant, worldwide network, has gained its popularity and credibility across the world. UAE, being a country with a diverse project landscape and diverse population requires globally recognized PMP for many project management roles. PMP Certification continues to be ranked as one of the top 10 certifications in the world by top magazines such as CIO, Forbes etc.,

According to latest Earning Power salary survey PMP certification report higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification—16% higher on average across the 40 countries surveyed.

Yes. Project Management experience and education is a prerequisite.

  1. Minimum 36 months experience , if you are bachelor’s degree holder or
  2. 60 months experience, if you are diploma or high school equivalent.
  3. In both cases minimum 35 hours of Project Management education is mandatory.

Please contact our Customer Service Executive using live chat to know your eligibility.

Any formal training related to any topic related to Project Management is necessary, but if you are aiming for PMP certification, it is advisable to take a PMP preparatory  training, that imparts comprehensive knowledge on the PMP exam content.

PMI’s ATP i.e., Authorized Training Partner are reliable training institutes, as they comply with the standards set by PMI. They guarantee you to provide the licensed course materials/ practice questions from PMI.

Yes. You need not to be a Project Manager to take the PMP exam. Please contact our Customer Service Executive using live chat to know your eligibility.

Yes. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria , you can take PMP exam regardless of your industry. In recent years, PMP has grown popular in industries viz., manufacturing, banking, BPO, healthcare, education and consulting etc.,

You can self-prepare , but we have seen even professionals with 20 plus years of experience choose to go for the training, as they see a lot of gap in usage of Project Management terminologies, techniques , documents in their work place when compared to the standard. Also note 35 hours of formal Project Management education is one of the eligibility criteria.

There is a misconception that PMBOK® Guide ( A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge ) is the syllabus for PMP exam. PMBOK Guide is only one of the reference guides ( primary) for the exam. The PMP ECO ( Exam content Outline ) 2021 is the latest syllabus.To cover the Exam content outline , the PMP aspirants have to refer multiple reference guide. As a PMI’s Authorized Training Partner, we cover the latest syllabus in accordance with latest reference materials i.e., not only PMBOK Guide latest edition but also Latest version of PMI’s own study manuals.

As most of the international certifications, PMP credential should also be renewed every 3 years.

But the renewal process is painless. You will renew by reporting 60 PDUs ( professional development units ) every 3 years. PDUs can be gained by attending or facilitating seminars, webinars, training, writing blogs, articles, and by your work experience itself.

Quadraplus team will be assisting you on maintaining your credential as well.

With the popularity and recognition comes its difficulty, that indeed preserve the credential value and sanctity. In the recent past, PMI has simplified the application process. Nevertheless our Customer Service Executives assist you right from the application process throughout your journey of acquiring and maintaining the credential.In fact our training program starts with the elucidation on application process.

Limited Time Offer - Up to 20% OFF

Weekday and Weekend batches starting soon. Enquire today.

  40 Instructional Hours

  THE PMBOK® Guide – Latest Edition

  Instructor’s notes

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  Exam Application Assistance

  Free Retraining

  Free entry pass to webinars

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500 + Additional practice Questions

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