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Solidworks course at Quadra Plus Dubai delivers a project based training, which teaches how to make 3D models, 2D engineering drawing, assembly, animation, and high-quality rendering.This course takes you from the very beginning of navigating Solidworks interface to advanced level, transversing the entire design workflow.Professionals obtain hands-on-training to create 2D and 3D models, learn about part and assembly modelling environments, learn about extrusions and cuts etc.

Course Objectives

At the completion of Solidworks Training with Quadraplus, you will be able to:

  • Navigate through the SOLIDWORKS interface.
  • Demonstrate competency with multiple drawing and modification commands in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Create three-dimensional solid models
  • Modify given parts to match design needs.
  • Create three-dimensional assemblies incorporating multiple solid models.
  • Generate drawings from parts and models.
  • Apply industry standards in the preparation of technical mechanical drawings.
  • Identify model’s mass, volume, and center of gravity.
  • Interpret different drawing annotations.

I Introduction to Solidworks and its Interface

  • Features of SolidWorks
  • SolidWorks Graphical User Interface
  • General Settings

II Sketcher

  • Creating Sketches
  • Editing and Modifying Sketches
  • Sketch Entities like Inference line, Centerline line, Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Rectangle, Slots, Polygon, Parabola, Ellipse, Partial Ellipse,
  • Sketch tools like Fillet, Chamfer, Offset, Convert entities, Intersection curve, Face curve, Trim, Extend, Split, Jog Line, etc
  •  Blocks
  • Relations
  • Dimensioning

III Part Modeling

  • Part Modeling Tools
  • Reference Planes
  • Extrude Features
  • Revolve Features
  • Swept Features
  • Loft Features
  • Create Reference
  • Create Curves
  • Create Fillets
  • Insert Hole Types
  • Creating Chamfer
  • Creating Shell
  • Creating Rib
  • Creating Pattern
  • Advanced Modeling Tools
  • Fastening Features
  • Environment Utilities

IV Assembly Modeling

  • Introduction to Assembly Modeling & Approaches
  • Applying Standard Mates
  • Applying Mechanical Mates
  • Applying Smart mates
  • Applying Mate reference
  • Manipulating Components
  • Creating Pattern
  • Creating Explode Views
  • Top Down Design

V Surface Modeling

  • Surface Modeling tools such as Revolve, Swept, loft, Boundary surface, Inserting Planar Surface, Offset Surface, Radiate Surface, Inserting Planar Surface, Offset Surface, Radiate Surface etc.,

VI Drafting

  • Generating Drawing Views
  • Introduction To Angle Of Projection
  • Generating Views
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Inserting Annotations

VII Sheet Metal Design

  • Concepts in Sheet metal design
  • Base Flange, Sheet Metal Tab, Edge Flange, Miter Flange etc
  • Creating Break Corner/Corner Trim, Closed Corners, Rip
  • Sketched Bend, Fold/Unfold, Forming Tools
  • Cross Break, Welded Corner
  • Conversion Of Solid Body To Sheet Metal.
  • Working with import data

VIII Product Data Management

IX Photoworks

  • Introduction to PhotoWorks
  • Render model in PhotoWorks
  • Scene Editor
  • Apply Material and Decal?
  • Camera and Lights
  • Render options

X Weldment Design

  • Introduction to Weldment
  • Using Different Structural Members
  • Weldment Cut List

XI Mold Design

  • Introduction to Mold
  • Types of Mold Design
  • Using Draft analysis, Undercut analysis, Parting line analysis etc.,

XII Simulation

  • Types of Analysis such as
    • Linear Static Analysis
    • Frequency Analysis •
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Linearized Buckling Analysis
    • Thermal Analysis •
    • Nonlinear Analysis
    • Drop Test Analysis
    • Fatigue Analysis
    • Beams and Trusses etc.,

XIII Solidworks Advanced

  • Solidworks Toolbox
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Solidworks
  • Import & Export
  • Advanced Mold Design
  • Industrial Components Design
Haytham Mohamed Abdul Rahman photo

Haytham Mohamed Abdul Rahman

Mechanical Engineer
I had recently done the Mechanical AutoCAD & Solidworks training course in Quadra Plus, I found the classes to be very enlightening and interesting. The content covered completely, and my instructor was supportive and clear in teaching all the concepts. The projects at the end were also a great way to implement.

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